wanna lick the bowl

My husband Ralph has British roots. This explains his ability to consume vast amounts of beer and tea. Every morning, Ralph wakes up and trots into the kitchen to make his daily pot of tea. Being a tea drinker, also means that … Continue reading

Beware of Sexy Cookbooks

   I can remember vividly, Christmas morning 1971, opening my first cookbook. A massive, red leather,  collection of international cookery. I poured over that book for years… I love all types of cookbooks. It matters not to me whether they are … Continue reading

recipe for a farmhouse

My husband and I bought a very sad and neglected farm a couple of years ago. Not for any particular reason other than we are bonkers! Our three girls had just left home so we decided that we needed a project… We … Continue reading

greek night

The kids took us to The Broken Plate last night for dinner. The name indicates what happens on Friday and Saturday nights…the wait staff dance through the restaurant “Zorba” style and smash plates! We were there on Thursday so did … Continue reading

ripped balls

Caprese salad is absolutely positively completely my favorite lunch. The first time that Ralph and I went to Italy, I ate it every lunch for 17 days. I also gained 14 pounds… Meaghan found beautiful imported Mozzarella di Bufala so … Continue reading

dancing to her own beet

I think one of the most difficult times in my life, as a mother ,was the moment that I realized I would not always be the gate-keeper. It’s bitter-sweet to have raised such independent and capable young women. Their entire … Continue reading

sometimes more is absolutely more

Last night Theo and Meg treated me to a spectacular Italian feast at one of Calgary’s finest…Centini Our sommelier decanting a bottle of CROGNOLO TUSCANO Meaghan ordered AHI TUNA CARPACCIO. This dish was reminiscent of Sorrento Classic CAPRESE embellished with … Continue reading