sometimes more is absolutely more

Last night Theo and Meg treated me to a spectacular Italian feast at one of Calgary’s finest…Centini

Our sommelier decanting a bottle of CROGNOLO TUSCANO

Meaghan ordered AHI TUNA CARPACCIO. This dish was reminiscent of Sorrento

Classic CAPRESE embellished with PROSCUITTO DI PARMA. I can not resist BUFFALO MILK MOZZARELLA

FETTUCINE FLORENTINA is bliss on a plate…cream, garlic, Reggiano Parmigiano and perfectly cooked spinach.

Theo ordered a porcini filled agnolotti in a porcini cream. As far as porcini mushrooms go, more is definitely more! He reluctantly offered Meg and me a bite which we both jumped on. Fantastic!!!!!

I ordered PAPPARDELLE SEAFOOD ARRABIATA. Perfectly balanced shrimp, calamari, tomatoes, chillies and garlic. The portion was too large for me to finish so we brought the left overs home for lunch. I thought asking to have food packaged up might seem a little tacky at such a classy joint but our waiter returned with a great looking take away bag for us to leave with.

RICOTTA CHEESECAKE because we could!

PROFITEROLES –  little crispy puffs filled with a rich creme patisserie drowning in a dark chocolate sauce. Not Italian but who cares, it was yummy!

Calgary is definitely a great town for foodies…

Thanks for reading.

  • Nathalie Godbout

    You are making me soooooo hungry!

  • Kaitie

    My lunch is not cutting it after reading this!!!

  • Heidi Eaton

    OMG Michelle…looks like an AMAZING meal. Nice you were able to share some of the plates, even if it were begrudgingly (…food should be shared. What was the ambience of the restaurant like? Hard to tell by the pictures…sure would love to see a picture of your dinner mates as well. Growing up fast. Thanks for this post..

  • How come we have never had that fettucine/cream/spinach thing? Get on that would you? Also, is that *your* wine glass he is pouring the WHOLE bottle into? Lush.