Rhubarb Cobbler and Apple Blossoms

Life is busy on the farm. When I decorated the farmhouse last summer, I decided to forgo curtains because every view is spectacular and I couldn’t bare to cover it up. The down side to all of this eye candy is that the … Continue reading

Spring Vegetable Soup

Last year, at the end of summer, Dad and I discussed where we would be building our new vegetable garden. We have a lovely flat meadow directly behind our house which receives full sunlight all day. It is close to … Continue reading

Rhubarb Cake Farmhouse Style

Last summer, Dad and I transplanted a 50 year old perennial garden. No easy task let me tell you! Luckily, we have a tractor which made the first part of the job possible. There were peonies, irises, Homestead lilies, Solomon’s … Continue reading

Blue Eggs and Slaw

We are officially ‘at the farm’. It is amazing how transformative it is to move from the centre of the city to the centre of our farm! Ralph has a list three miles long of chores and small jobs that … Continue reading

Hot Fudge Sundae due to the Rapture

With all of the cooking that I do, it is important for me to watch my family’s calorie intake or we will end up looking  like the Klumps! Yesterday I threw caution to the wind and splurged. I figured, if it’s all over … Continue reading

I Don’t Like Apples

As you know, I am really pumped about being auctioned off with Axel Begner to help raise money, during the Fundy Food Festival, for the Boys and Girls Club. In part because it will be a blast to be in the kitchen with … Continue reading

Raspberry Cobbler and Springtime Showers

Last spring, we were up to our elbows in renovations with the farmhouse. We missed everything that was happening outside. We really didn’t start to discover our land until half way through July. I wanted to make sure that did not happen again … Continue reading

Fiddlehead Primavera Pasta

There is something very satisfying about foraging for food. I love picking wild raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Yesterday was the first time that I have ever picked fiddleheads. My great-aunt and uncle live beside our farm. They have been a … Continue reading

An Italian Feast with Axel and me

Whenever I design an elaborate Italian menu, my goal is always to balance flavour, texture and color. The most important consideration is taste. It would be easy to throw together a bunch of familiar dishes with big bold flavours. The problem … Continue reading