Maple Pudding for Easter Dinner

Kaitie is coming home for Easter. She will be within biting distance for about 48 hours. When time is that precious, I do not want to be distracted by meal preparation. Mind you, I do want yummy meals so I am pre-planning. I did a test … Continue reading

Air Canada Wrecked Our Weekend

I was to fly to Toronto this weekend for some intense Kaitie time. It did not happen. Air Canada cancelled my flight due to an ill legal strike. Kaitie’s voice, after hearing that I was not going to make it, broke my … Continue reading

Smells like Mud…

Gritty sidewalks yet to be swept, discarded Christmas trees scorched orange from the sun sit in alley ways, school children shiver in their brightly colored flip-flops as they walk to school and the intoxicating smell of mud. It’s Spring in … Continue reading

St. Paddy’s Day

I don’t have an Irish bone in my body but like every other full-blooded Saint Johnner I honour St Paddy’s Day. I remember one year Ralph attending the annual St Patrick’s Day dinner for men only. He left the house, dressed to … Continue reading

Sunday Morning Blueberry Muffins

There are times when I do not want a healthy muffin. This morning, I wasn’t looking for a whole grain, low-fat, no sugar kind of muffin. I wanted a full fat, tons of sugar, delicate texture – that means refined flour – … Continue reading

Cooking Vacation in the south of Italy

To celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary, Ralph and I fulfilled a promise, to each other, of taking a holiday in Italy. We started in Tuscany and finished on the Amalfi coast. Our time in Tuscany was magical. We had rented a small villa in Bucine which is … Continue reading