Springtime @italianbynight

Spring, or as we say at Italian by Night, Primavera has sprung!

New antipasti

New pastas with lighter sauces…

And shell-fish…

Plump, succulent seafood in garlicky tomato and wine reductions.

I confessed to my daughter Kate on opening night that I was REALLY nervous. She said, “Mom pretend you are having a dinner party!”

Funny – that’s exactly what it feels like…

Thanks for reading.

  • Always do as I say! xo

  • Kaitie

    Always do as I say

  • Ralph

    It was a very nice diner party, the food was perfect, and the chef devine!!

  • Even though I do not, as you know, like seafood – that dish looks beautiful. I wouldn’t eat it, of course, but really – stunning. Imagine if you were a seafood lover and that arrived at your table!