favorite pics from my first year of blogging

184 posts later – we are celebrating our first anniversary!

It makes me giggle when I think back to the first month or so – yikes! It took me hours to upload a couple of photos…

Thank goodness for Dad.

And Kaitie, Meg and Sara

And Ralph

And Christie

And Judith

And Liz

And Heather


Thanks for reading.

  • George Allen

    I and many others have enjoyed reading them. Happy Anniversay to Bite and thanks to you for your work in preparing the blog.

  • Well done and happy 1st year! I love being in your kitchen (elbeiit virtual) 🙂 xo

    • And I love you being there! Thanks for all of the encouragement…

  • Eleanor

    Obviously, a beautiful year – the pics make me want to ‘bite’. Congratulations Michelle!

    • Thank you Eleanor – it has been a lot of fun!

  • jennifermackay

    so enjoy your blog Michelle! – the feeling of your cooking is beautiful!

    • I am delighted to hear that…

  • Angela

    Wonderful Job Chelle. You are an inspiration.

  • Tanya

    Happy Anniversary Bite! I look forward to what year 2 is going to bring from your kitchen to mine!!

  • Tammy

    Congratulations Michelle on a wonderful year. I have learned so much and have loved every Bite!! 🙂 Thank you.

    • Thanks Tammy – it has been quite a journey!

  • Yikes. Where does the time go? The pics are beautiful. xo

  • Congrats and Happy Anniversary – All those pics have surely made me hungry!!

  • Yup, I see a book in your future.

    • you may need to hold my hand…

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