what do you do with old garlic

I have this habit of throwing a bulb of garlic in my grocery cart every time I’m at the super market. Given that I make at least four trips a week to pick up odds and ends, you would think that I might skip a bulb or two per week. I never do! So when my vegetable crisper drawer is over stuffed with garlic that’s seen better days, I peel it, throw it in the oven for a couple of hours and ‘Bob’s your uncle’ – I have lovely rich roasted garlic that seems to last forever. It’s one of the most useful condiments in my refrigerator!

I use it in dips, sauces, soups, spreads dabbed on pizza, smeared over chicken or fish skin before roasting, mashed with vegetables or bashed into a paste for beef and pork roasts. The list really could go on forever! Suffice to say, don’t turf your tired garlic. After it’s been roasted with a little sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and lots of extra virgin olive oil, you’ll have a bit of magic in a jar.

roasted garlic

Preheat oven 250* F

Peel each garlic clove.

Place in a single layer in a small baking dish and drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper.

Bake until garlic is soft – up to two hours – check it after the first 45 minutes

Remove from oven and place garlic and all the olive oil in your food processor and give it a quick wiz – you still want it chunky!

Place in a mason jar and cover with extra virgin olive oil.

when it’s cool, cover and store in the REFRIGERATOR.

The Love: Peel your garlic by place your butcher’s knife on top of each clove and gently pressing down. The pressure from your hand will cause the garlic skin to crack and the garlic will slip right out. Much easier than trying to use a paring knife!

roasted garlic

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  • Anonymous

    great idea!

  • Pam

    Wonderful idea!!

  • what a fabulous share, thank you so much! i buy garlic every time i am at the store, also!!! i look forward to trying this!

  • Great idea…sometimes garlic is not so fresh even when you first buy it and it starts to soften faster than usual.

  • If I end up buying too much garlic, which I often admit, does happen occasionaly, I like to peel it and chuck it in a jar of olive oil, this seems to keep it “fresh” until you need i, and prolongs the life quite substantially. The other added bonus is that you get beautiful garlic infused olive oil to use as you wish!

  • Kaitie

    If only I could remember to buy 1 clove of garlic #emptyfridge #12hourworkdays

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  • Chrissy

    Just threw in a dozen bulbs leftover from Dave’s Produce Packs. Cooking in two houses can lead to some waste…thanks for the suggestion!

    • I used my roasted garlic for a couple months. I couldn’t believe how it lasted.

      Happy New Year!

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  • Peggy Acott

    How long will the roasted garlic last in the refrigerator? It probably won’t be an issue, as much as I love roasted garlic, but just in case… 😉

    • Hi Peggy, like you we love it so much isn’t doesn’t stick around ling, but I’d guess up to a week.