my best for 2012

rolled meatloaf

January – the meatloaf that knocked my socks off!

February –  the squares that hooked Ralph.

over the top cinnamon buns

March –  Irish soda bread cooling on a cool window sill

April – it ain’t a poor man’s pudding anymore

tiny flaky biscuits on parchment

May – the colors of Spring captured with pasta and grape tomato and chive sauce

June –  ice cream on the veranda

tarragon butter recipe for the lemon and chive butter photograph – oops!

July – I used pea shoots in everything

you thought I was kidding

July – nothing says summer like raspberry pie

or strawberry ice cream

August – when the lavender blooms

and the vegetable garden is bursting with treats

October – a classic

chunky chicken and apple soup with luscious cheddar au gratin  – quite a mouthful!

November – the best thing to do with a pumpkin is whoopie pies

as yummy as they look

it wouldn’t be autumn if I didn’t bake some apples – this is my favorite photograph this year

another classic

December – salt, chocolate, caramel and shortbread, need I say more?

party food – gooey, sticky fun

red velvet cupcakes spiced up

cozy Maritime winter seafood dinners

It’s been lovely sharing recipes and bits and pieces of my life over the past year. I look forward to our time together, the same way I look forward to spending time with old friends.  I suppose to someone outside of the bloggingsphere that would sound strange but you know what I mean…

Thank for reading.

  • Nathalie Godbout

    I just live for your blog – it fills the gaps between visits! Can’t wait to see what 2013 brings for us all! xo

    • Me too! We need to plan our first road trip or trail trip lol…

  • Oh my gosh – I am new to your blog so this is my first time seeing the meatloaf recipe. I have to admit – that one stopped me in my tracks, I called my husband up to show him and we agreed – we HAVE to make that!! I did not even get to the rest but I am excited. We do alot of cooking with our kids because I want them to have the skills now so they learn to love cooking – this will step things up a bit. 🙂 From another Michelle.

    • Wonderful! Let me know how you enjoy it.

      Happy cooking!

  • Monica Alward

    Your photogarapy is Amazing…as are the recipes…really enjoy your blog!
    Monica A

    • Thanks Monica – I’m working on a new post as we speak!

  • Colin

    ohhhh time for me to try out some items. Love the blog and the stories that are wrapped around each dish. Keep up the great blogging in 2013, Michelle!

    • Hi Colin, thank you so much for all your support. I’ll do my best!

      Happy New Year

  • Debbie

    I absolutely love your blog. I would like to make all of the above. Fantastic photography. Thank you.

    • I love that you love my blog – now I’m blushing… Thanks so much!

  • Anonymous

    thanks for the walk down memory lane! The food pictures make you want to take a bite out of the page. I look forward to 2103!