Mother’s day

Gentle rain and fiddleheads on the banks of the Saint John River.


Cards and phone calls…

one year ago: fish tacos

two years ago: fiddlehead primavera

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  • Happy belated Mother’s Day to you! Hope it was a great one! ~ Sheila

  • Gorgeous! They look fantastic!

  • Anonymous

    I grew up in the Florenceville area and every spring picked my share of fiddleheads after the waters had receeded from the swollen banks of the Shitehawk. In the 1960’s we cooked fiddleheads until they were grey and almost mush ( as they do green beans in southern USA) slathered them in butter and drenched them with vinegar. then someone discovered how wonderful they were firm and green. We froze most of our harvest for that taste of spring that one could enjoy any time to the year.

  • I’m so jealous of all the fiddleheads you guys get! we don’t have them here in singapore 🙁

    • They are so tasty but the season is very short. It’s over already…