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These SPICY BEER CANDIED BACON strips are irresistible. Think about  – salty, smoky, spicy sweet crunchy bites. They take a bit of time to prepare but are completely foolproof and mind blowing delicious! Beyond serving them alone, their role as a garnish is limitless. This weekend, I’ll use them to top a potato latke thingy I’m doing for a dinner club that we’re hosting. Stay tuned…This past Sunday, I tested some new-to-me recipes from the queen of apps. Whenever, I need a little inspiration all I need do is send her a note and BOOM my inbox is brimming… I took the original recipe and added a little Frank’s Hot Sauce. If you’re looking for this year’s hot party favour, I’ve found it!

This is the time of year that we entertain constantly. Every weekend, we invite anywhere from two to a dozen friends over for dinner. An invitation on Friday means casual homemade junk food. Pizza, nachos, burgers – stuff you’d order at a drive through except I make it. Saturday night is usually the night I put on the dog. I’ll have thought about it all week and then play all day in the kitchen. Sunday, without a doubt, involves football. Needless to say, the food flips to a tailgate party.

SPICY BEER CANDIED BACON  slightly adapted from Tide and Thyme
Preheat oven 400*F

1 lb extra thick smoked bacon
½ cup brown sugar
2 tablespoons any dark beer
2 tablespoons Frank’s Hot Sauce


In a small bowl, combine, brown sugar, beer and hot sauce.
Line a large baking sheet with parchment
Place a rack the same size on top of parchment
Lay bacon on rack – don’t worry if the bacon overlaps, it shrinks as it cooks
Place in preheated oven for 10 minutes
Remove from oven and paint bacon on both sides with brown sugar mixture.
Place back in oven for 10 minutes.
Repeat process until sauce is gone and bacon is golden and crisp.
Remove from oven and allow bacon to cool for 1 hour.

THE LOVE: Watch your bacon closely. You want it golden and crisp not burnt and hard!

printable recipe

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  • Won’t my husband love this one!

  • WHAT. Halloween party on Saturday and I am bringing this. Is the finished product sticky? Trying to figure out how to transport. Mmm.

    • A little sticky but not bad. I’d take it on a flat try then stand it up in a jar with some napkins!

  • wow, I think I’ve found my favourite beer snack!
    This looks so delicious and I bet addictive!

  • Seriously good eating! Wow ~

  • Oh my goodness!

  • have you ever had bakwa? it’s a southeast asian delicacy of semi dried meat that ends up sweet and savory, and very good! this reminds me of it (:

    • I’ve never heard of it. Thanks for sharing – I’ll do a little research.

  • Maya

    First time ever here…definitely visiting more often! Bacon rules

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  • Sarah

    Hi there, This recipe looks fantastic! I was wondering how far in advance of a party I could make it? I am in need of easy make ahead apps. Thank you, Sarah

  • Mine started to burn before they got crispy. They are almost burnt and still very flexible. I used thick cut bacon, so not sure what happened? 🙁

    • Sorry to hear the recipe didn’t work out. Many of my friends have tried it with success. I’m not sure what went wrong?

  • mediawhit

    I tried to make these, but they never got crisp – just rubbery. I used thick bacon and followed the instructions, but if I left them in the oven any longer they would have burnt. Any ideas what went wrong?

    • Hmmm…not sure. I’ve never had that happen. Maybe you added the glaze too thickly??

  • Chlab

    Do you think I could make these a day ahead? How would you store?

    • Michelle

      I don’t think they’re as good but it is possible….

  • Chris

    What kind of beer should I use?

    • Michelle

      I used Honey Brown, a lager rather than an ale…

      • Chris

        Awesome. Thank you!

        • Michelle


  • Karen K

    Not sure what to serve with these. Are they meant to be a simple snack, like before dinner?
    What about crumbling atop a baked potato? Crumble into a green salad? Please share some ideas.

    • Michelle

      I served them once during cocktails before a dinner party. I’d intended them to be served with several other nibblies. They were gone before I was able to bring the other dishes into the living-room. So short answer, “Yes”, they can be served alone. However, crumbling atop a potato or over a salad sounds perfect! Thanks for asking!!

  • I just discovered candied bacon and LOVE it. I will have to try your recipe too. I made a similar recipe, but without the beer and instead dipped in milk chocolate! http://ultimatechocolateblog.blogspot.ca/2014/06/chocolate-dipped-bacon-candied.html

  • Gina

    They were so compelling I had to try these…and I’m vegetarian!!! *wink*

  • Gina

    Beer, whiskey…okay…I’m waiting for the Sambuca bacon. One could go crazy with this theme!

  • Rexanna Keats

    As my grandmother Keats and Roland, the bus driver would say, “Oh, my!” Was spreading the gospel of Michelle Hooton yesterday while gathering, in the middle of the storm yesterday, the ingredients to make this today, while waiting for the laundry to dry. Made it with regular bacon so it was not quite as stiff, but, oh, my! The beer was on clearance, which I got along with some bourbon to make my once annual New Orleans bourbon chicken. As they helped me find what I needed, all the sales clerks were drooling.

    • Hi Rexanna, my spicy beer candied bacon is one of my go-to treats for friends! Glad you enjoyed it.