the wedding day

While we were waiting to have our hair done, Mom asked Meggie if she was nervous. Meg looked up from the magazine she was reading, her face beaming and said, “Nan, I’m gonna run up that aisle – I can’t wait to marry Theo”

Laughter, make-up, champagne and wedding clothes…

Meaghan wore her great grandmother’s pearl necklace.

The first time Ralph saw her…

Moments before…

The groomsmen and lady…

She was the happiest bride I’ve ever seen.

A quiet moment…

Surrounded by family and friends, they made their vows.

Grins, Tiffany’s, roses, parasols and family captured.

May your lives continue to be filled with gentle discussion, laughter, joy and magic. xo

Thanks for reading.

Photography by Adam Coish

  • Judith

    Lovely Lovely. Adam’s photography is great! So happy for you all xo

    • Michelle


  • Nathalie Godbout

    Beautiful, just beautiful. Felt like I was there. 🙂 xo

    • Michelle

      It was like reliving the day…xo

  • Meggie

    I love reliving this with the photo’s! Thanks mama! xo

    • Michelle


  • Cindy MBA

    Beautiful! Thank you!

    • Cindy McCallum

      Ahem…autocorrect screwed up again, that should be Cindy McCallum!

    • Michelle

      Thank you

  • Kaitie

    Such a perfect day!

    • Michelle

      It really was…

  • Diane


    • Michelle


  • sigh! <3

    • Michelle


  • Joe Chase

    ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But I expected nothing less!

    • Michelle

      wish you could have been there…

  • Leslie Washington

    Thank you for sharing with us this special day. Leslie

    • Michelle

      It was totally my pleasure. I got to relive the day!

  • Love, love, love ~ I can feel the love through the pictures. What a beautiful couple and a beautiful day. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Michelle

      They really are…Thanks for your lovely comments!

  • Where are the teary ‘mother of the bride’ pics?

    • Michelle

      In the vault! lol xo

  • Tanya Paterson

    Michelle, these pictures took my breath away. What a beautiful family you have! Your daughter was one of the most spectacular brides I have ever seen…stunning really….Congratulations to all of you…

    • Michelle

      Hi Tanya, Think how many times you and Greg get to go through this!! xo

  • So beautiful and touching. Congrats to the newlyweds!

    • Michelle

      Thank you so much!

  • heidi

    Beautiful thats all I can say xoxo

    • Michelle

      and that’s enough! xo

  • Theresa

    It truly was a beautiful wedding.. So proud of Theo & Meaghan!

    • Michelle

      It was one of the best weeks of my life! xo

  • linnett

    Stunning !!

  • Catherine Bongiorno

    I only just stumbled across these pics, call me a little computer illiterate or very bad at navigating the web page lol. Megz looks divine, Beautiful, gorgeous, amazingly stunning!!! There are some many other adjectives to describe her 🙂 wish i was there and that Theo WOW!!! lol I love you guys and miss you every day, you all looked absolutely delicious!! <3 <3 <3

    • Michelle

      and we miss you more…xoxoxoxo