the blues

It’s inevitable. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, every year, the bottom falls out of my cozy, homey Christmas world and I begin a nose dive into the icy cold days of winter. I can hear you asking, ‘how can an all-Canadian girl not love snow, ice, bone chilling temperatures, the inconvenience of mountains of snow plowed into my driveway, bulky clothing, a constantly snotty nose and knowing I won’t see my girls for months.

Ah, out of the keyboards of laptops: I won’t see my girls again until the Spring.

I could pretend to be uber-upbeat and excited for the new year. Long-term, I love the possibility of a fresh start. New Year’s eve is one of my favourite days of the year. An annual opportunity to try again. Short-term, today sucks. Kaitie went back to Toronto. It wouldn’t matter how long she was home, it’ll never be long enough. Watching her say “good-bye” to Meggie and Coen broke my heart.

Thanks for reading.

Photography by Michelle Hooton

  • pr

    I am exactly the same way with my children. I am at my highest high when they are all home at the same time. Such fun days but they go by so quickly. When they leave, the house couldn’t get more quiet. I always tell myself to look at the bright side, if they weren’t such wonderful kids then I wouldn’t miss them so much.