my first cooking video – so fun

UPDATE: I love learning about video! Thank you so much for the ‘constructive’ criticism. During that miserable storm yesterday, I practiced editing. I was able to take my first cooking odyssey from over 15 minutes to 7. Unfortunately there’s nothing I can do this time to fix my lack of head – lol. Let me know what you think.

I spent the day with Sean McGrath filming my first cooking video of my ‘meatloaf for a chef’ recipe.

This is not an example of Sean’s work. He’s genius! This was Sean showing me the simplest way I could make cooking videos by myself. It was information overload but absolutely fascinating.

Check it out and subscribe to my youtube channel.

Thanks for reading/watching – lol.

  • Barb Crawford

    I LOVE this, Michelle! I especially love that there are no “cut” scenes…. the dropped egg is a great part!

    • Thanks Barb! I learned a lot today and loved doing it. The smashed egg was my favorite bit too!

  • elaineshannon

    Awesome video…can’t wait to make this meatloaf.

    • Thanks Elaine – had a great time with Sean McGrath. He’s soooo talented!

  • Karol

    I love all of your recipes,photos, memories and the stories of your girls. Makes me feel like I’ve known you forever. I would love to see you as part of your videos. You’re an amazing woman. Thanks for sharing your life lessons. Keep those videos coming!

    • Hi Karol, So delighted that you’re enjoying my work – thank you so much! I really enjoyed learning about video. I’ll keep working on it…

  • Thanks Joe – I had fun!

  • Hi Wayne, I think I could have made it a bit shorter by doing more prep in advance however, it does gice you a real time sense. The ‘egg’ is my favourite part! xo

  • Hi Lori, I hope you’ll give it a try – it really is delicious!

  • Hi Marie, Thanks so much! It’s very different to speak the recipe as opposed to writing it but I loved it all the same!

  • Hi Sandra, I use a coffee grinder at the farm for my spices – works like a charm! I loved working on the video. I’d like to do a couple a month…