tomato tart – cheesy and herby

tomato tart – cheesy and herby

Last summer, Ralph and I returned home from our holiday in Greece to rotten tomatoes. It never occurred to us, when we were booking our trip, that we’d be missing the harvest of our favorite vegetable. Tomatoes are actually a fruit … Continue reading

green curry cashew dip

green curry cashew dip

I can spot a good cook at a thousand meters. Good cooks give themselves away without knowing it. Of course you have to be able to recognize the behavior and it differs depending on their surroundings. In a grocery store, … Continue reading

Christmas salsa

At the tender age of twelve, sitting alone in a dark movie theatre lost in Franco Zeffirelli’s ‘Romeo and Juliet‘, I was completely seduced after Juliet said, “Wilt thou be gone? It is not yet near day. It was the … Continue reading

Sticky Spicy Ribs

This is the perfect holiday pot luck dish. It takes seconds to assemble then gets popped in the oven so you can spend the rest of the day doing everything else on your list before the party. I never taste … Continue reading

lasagna cupcakes

I’ve begun party prep countdown for Christmas on Carmarthen! We live on Carmarthen St., hence the name. I’ve decided on a mixture of fourteen different hot and cold, static and passed appetizers to offer my guests. In the past, I’ve used my dining room … Continue reading

bacon marmalade

What doesn’t taste good with bacon in it? Bacon continues to capture the imagination of chefs and home cooks from around the world. Rather than limiting it to savory dishes, they are using it in cakes, cookies, sweet muffins and even frosting. I get a kick out of … Continue reading