time for change

time for change

It’s a new year. Time for change. For someone who struggles with change as much as me, you wouldn’t think it would be such a constant in my life. Sometimes by design, mostly not. I’ve walked through my life, one … Continue reading

off to Italy

I can’t believe we are leaving Tuesday. Eleven glorious days touring Italy with the ‘witches’. Ralph lovingly nicknamed us years ago… We’ve been planning and saving for this holiday for years and boom – we’re four days away from take-off. Over the … Continue reading

Smells like Mud…

Gritty sidewalks yet to be swept, discarded Christmas trees scorched orange from the sun sit in alley ways, school children shiver in their brightly colored flip-flops as they walk to school and the intoxicating smell of mud. It’s Spring in … Continue reading

12 days until we launch…

In twelve days, we will serve Italian food at the Urban Deli. Valentine’s Day – the annual highly anticipated evening of love and, if you are a foodie, of delicious food. Restauranteur and my boss, Liz Rowe, chose to introduce her Urban … Continue reading

Gorgonzola Truffles

Originally posted January 17, 2011 You either love blue cheese or you gag, if you come within twenty meters of it. Our house is divided. I drool at the mere thought of a lovely thick slab of this gooey rich … Continue reading

Lemon and Mascarpone Gnocchi

Originally posted January 16, 2012 My Christmas tree is still decorated.The thought of taking it down and packing it away is enough to send me into deep mourning. So instead of facing the much dreaded task of dissembling my beloved … Continue reading

White Bean Mash

White bean mash –  I know - sounds disgusting. How does white bean paste sound? I think the problem is not so much the ‘mash’ but rather the ‘bean’. A lot of people think that they do not like beans. It’s that … Continue reading

Love and Joy

As I worked away in my kitchen this morning baking savory cookies, I was thinking about twenty-five years ago this month. I was waiting to birth two babies. My twins were due to arrive on January 4th, 1987. Having already tipped the … Continue reading