bumbleberry sorbet

bumbleberry sorbet

I love the playful images that bumbleberry brings to mind. They sound like a berry that Alice in Wonderland would have picked! However, they do not grow on shrubs or bushes. In fact, they do not grow at all. Bumbleberries are any … Continue reading

tofu sucks

When I wrote the menu for IbN, I included a few of my family’s favorite dishes. The first time that Sara and her boyfriend, Craig, came in for dinner he said, “it tastes like Sunday dinner at your house, except … Continue reading

It Was A Wonderful Summer

Early April – I picked fiddleheads in the pouring rain – they were the color of emeralds. Late April – Molly and I loved our daily walks through the woods. May – We found these tiny robin’s eggs in one … Continue reading

Blackberry and Apple Crumble and CBC

I am so excited. Thursday afternoon, I received a phone call from Information Morning, the local CBC radio show, asking if I would be interested in talking about my foodblog. I just about fell over! I love talking about blogging. I … Continue reading

Blackberry Pie is ‘blue-tooth’ worthy

I have never baked a blackberry pie. I was always told blackberries were too seedy! One of the most wonderful things about my farm is the abundance of both wild and cultivated berries. I have wild strawberries, blackberries and blueberries and cultivated … Continue reading