my children are not perfect

Months ago, a friend sincerely said to me, “I’m so sick of reading about your perfect kids!” I tried not to react. I tried harder not to breathe. Breathing would allow me to cry. I needed to feign professionalism; a … Continue reading

cinnamon rolls really quick

I read a lot. During the two weeks we were in Greece, I read four novels. Even with all this opportunity for word dazzling, I’ve rarely come upon a passage that overwhelms me. This did… “I never had any questions … Continue reading

she’s home

An unbridled, full-out love fest is happening at the farm. Meggie is home. We all need to touch each other to make sure that it’s real… The last few years for me have been unwelcomed but inevitable. My daughters launched. They left … Continue reading

hear me

She’d left the apartment open so I could wait inside for her to finish work. It’s weird being in your adult child’s home. Strange to open her refrigerator and notice that her fridge was not organized like mine. I was sitting on the sofa … Continue reading

Love and Joy

As I worked away in my kitchen this morning baking savory cookies, I was thinking about twenty-five years ago this month. I was waiting to birth two babies. My twins were due to arrive on January 4th, 1987. Having already tipped the … Continue reading