time for change

time for change

It’s a new year. Time for change. For someone who struggles with change as much as me, you wouldn’t think it would be such a constant in my life. Sometimes by design, mostly not. I’ve walked through my life, one … Continue reading

a kabillion woman-hours later

I am loving my gardens! In three years and a kabillion woman-hours later, my flowers are spilling over one another. The sad little chicken coop is framed with all the old-fashioned perennials that Dad rescued from the front of the house. Amazing what elbow … Continue reading

pea shoots and buttercups

Even at fifty-one years old, the first day of summer vacation is so exciting. I’m not sure what it is about my personality but schedules, commitments, lists and appointments leave me feeling panicked and confined. Summer at the farm means happy, happy freedom… … Continue reading

12 days until we launch…

In twelve days, we will serve Italian food at the Urban Deli. Valentine’s Day – the annual highly anticipated evening of love and, if you are a foodie, of delicious food. Restauranteur and my boss, Liz Rowe, chose to introduce her Urban … Continue reading

White Bean Mash

White bean mash –  I know - sounds disgusting. How does white bean paste sound? I think the problem is not so much the ‘mash’ but rather the ‘bean’. A lot of people think that they do not like beans. It’s that … Continue reading