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I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t think about cooking. I was 5 years old when Mom and Dad gave me an Easy Bake Ovenpoor Dad! He choked down every nasty little cake that I made! I was a latch-key kid. It was my job to prepare our family weeknight suppers from the time that I was 10 years old. I remember sitting in grade school thinking about what I would cook for supper. It was no hardship to me. I loved being in the kitchennothing has changed.

In my mid twenties, I ran a catering business called Larkspur and Sage with my best friend Christie. My twin daughters Kaitie and Meaghan were 10 months old when we landed our first job. We used to show up at our catering jobs with a super sized playpen and two adorable little girls in tow. When I think back on it, probably not the most professional way to present ourselvesoh well the food rocked!

In 1999 I opened Sister’s Italian Food. A small Italian gourmet take out and grocery store. I offered house made pastas, sauces, breads, salads, sandwiches and pizzas along with imported Italian groceries, meats and cheeses. I had a ball! In 2004, I sold Sister’s. I am currently only cooking for my family and friends.

I rarely cook for myself. If I am alone, a box of Kraft dinner and a beer does me fine . For me, cooking is an expression of love. I cook for the people that I love to spend time with.

About the name of my blog: Some mothers kiss their children, I bite mine… Playful, gentle but a bite all the same. I’ve done it since they were infants.

They are 24 years old and no longer live at home. When I sign off from an e-mail or send them a quick text I simply write “bite”

It means love…

UPDATE: I’m not blogging as often as I used to because I’m cooking professionally in my own restaurant. I decided to buy into Italian by Night so now I’m an owner. Long days, long nights…


The painting of my former deli was done by local artist Jack Bishop


Email: I read and answer all email personally which depending on the time of year means it can take me a while to respond… If this is this a recipe question, please leave it in the comments of the post it relates to. I respond to almost all questions posted in comments within 48 hours.

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