wednesdays at Michelle’s – March workshops

by Michelle


I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I am with the response from you over my cooking workshops. Delighted, ecstatic and blown away only touches on how wonderful it’s been to have you come to my kitchen and spend time cooking with me! Here’s what’s happening for March. See you soon! xo


Wednesdays At Michelle’s offers a range of workshops to suit everyone’s cooking skill set. In the intimate and relaxed atmosphere of my kitchen, learn the ’secrets’ to authentic Italian cookery. Through discussion, demonstration and ‘hands-on’ time, with my guidance, you’ll learn the magic of the CUCINA ITALIA.

Class size is limited to 4 people.


The Secrets to Making Gnocchi – 75.00 per person
March 4, 2015 6 pm – SOLD OUT!

This workshop will teach you the secret to making delicious delicate GNOCCHI. You’ll learn everything from what potatoes to use to how to cook your gnocchi two different ways. The class will finish with you enjoying each style of gnocchi served with classic sauces prepared by me.
2 Hours   4 People

pizza lead

A Pizza Party – 75.00 per person  
March 11, 2015 6 pm – SOLD OUT!

Learn to prepare authentic Italian pizza. You’ll learn to make thin crispy crust, homemade pizza sauce and roasted Italian vegetables. Your class will finish with you eating all of your hard work!
2 Hours   4 People

linguine with pesto

Fresh Pasta – 100.00 per person
March 18, 2015 6 pm – SOLD OUT!

This is the perfect workshop for both new and experienced cooks. The workshop starts with an introduction to the art of pasta making. Next, you’ll have ’hands-on’ time as you learn to make tender authentic pasta with an old-fashioned Italian hand crank roller! You’ll learn to cut, fill and shape your own pasta. The class will end with you enjoying ’the fruits of your labour’!
3 Hours   4 People.

Spring Asparagus and Tiger Shrimp Risotto C

The Art of Risotto – 100.00 per person
March 25, 2015 6 pm SOLD OUT!

This workshop is designed to teach you the subtle art of creating a creamy ‘al dente’ risotto. You’ll learn to make your own broth to use in your risotto. We’ll prepare three different risottos; bianco – white, ’con fungi’ – with wild mushrooms, ‘asparagi e gamberetti’ – asparagus and shrimp. This is a class for foodies!
3 Hours   4 People

Due to the limited size of the workshops, payment is due upon registration.

For more information or to register contact: [email protected]