more happy

by Michelle

more happy l

It’s quite remarkable how the world is reframed for me when one of my daughter’s is coming home. More clarity, more energy, more happy. Not sure ‘more happy’ is a thing, but happier doesn’t do this feeling justice. In order to keep some semblance of motherly self-respect, I work hard at filling my life up with, well, life; family, friends, work and the day-to-day stuff that fills in the gaps. I’m working hard at trying to figure out semicolons… And the truth is, I’m not as sad as I used to be. I miss all three of them, every day. At any moment, a Hallmark card can reduce me to tears, but I know my triggers so I avoid them. When the girls call, I want my voice to sound whole and pure not choked and gasping. The poor things spent the better part of two years talking me off the ledge. There are times now when the girls are frustrated with me because I’m too busy. It’s never perfect but this is better. Now, when I hear from them or we see each other, I l focus hard on getting filled up with all of their magic. Three more sleeps…

I’m days away from launching a new menu for Italian by Night which leaves me pressed for time to do much cooking around here. Sunday was free so I played with some comfort food. Homemade baked beans, fruit and nut filled pork loin with hot apple glaze, buttercup squash casserole and deep-dish apple pie. I did a scalloped potato gratin and braised green cabbage but seemed to have forgotten to get any shots of them. Have a look…

more happy l more happy l more happy l more happy l more happy l more happy l

Once our company arrived, I put my camera away which leaves you to imagine what everything looked like, except the pie, once it all came out of the oven.

more happy l

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