by Michelle

Teaching Nathalie and Maddy to make fresh pasta was a blast! Pasta is such a mystery until you actually make it…


serves 4

2 cups all purpose flour, 4 large eggs

place flour in bowl of food processor…add eggs…whiz until pasta pulls from the sides of the bowl and forms a ball

remove the pasta from the bowl of the food processor and divide into 4 equal parts…

cover 3 portions of the pasta dough with a clean tea towel

flatten the portion that you are working with so that it will fit between the rollers of your hand crank pasta machine

feed the portion through the rollers starting with 1 until you have reached 7…if the pasta snags or breaks not to worry…simply fold it up and start again!

once you have the pasta stretched to # 7 attach the cutter and feed the pasta through the cutting wheels

I like to hang my pasta on every surface that I can find…some people like to place the cut pasta on a semolina covered surface and then cover it with a clean tea towel



bring a large pot of water to a boil…add fresh pasta and cook until al dente…about 3 minutes

add to your sauce and serve!