our shared passion…

by Michelle

When I developed the menus for Italian by Night, I started with the antipasti. The beginning of the meal reveals the essense of the kitchen. I wanted our guests to taste  our concept in their first bite.

During my initial discussions with Liz, it was clear to me that our cumulative life journeys, our intense work ethics and our passion for Italian food would produce a dining experience committed to excellence.

Our concept is simple. It stems from my philosophy of cooking. To be a good cook use great ingredients. To be a great cook use your ingredients with love. We have sourced out the finest Italian imported food stuffs and combined it with the best food product that we can buy locally.

We want our guests to feel our love of Italian food in every dish. My style of cooking is not fast nor is it embellished. This will sound a little goofy but the food speaks to me. I am inspired by the ripeness of a plum tomato or the scent of crushed juniper berries. Liz can be in the middle of a thousand things yet the scent of freshly grated nutmeg will have her hurrying over to the stove to see what Chef Andrew and I are creating.

In Italy, dining is never rushed. Each course is savoured and thoughtfully selected to make sure the meal is perfect. During my many trips to Italy, I have watched as matriarchs choose the appropriate dishes with the patriarchs deciding on the accompanying wines. It’s theatre to me…

Our menu consists of the antipasti, the primi, the secondi and dolce. The appetizers, the pasta course, the meat course and dessert. Our menu is seasonal so that we can maximise local produce, meat and fish. You will see the classics but with a seasonal twist!

We want our guests to experience Italian hospitality. Our turn-of-the-century dining room with exposed brick walls, wide planked flooring, subtle lighting and exposed kitchen is the perfect backdrop to provide just that!

Our exposed kitchen allows our guests to watch the magic. I had many guests last week remark on how happy and calm we looked. Happiness is in the details! We have a great team with a shared commitment to the quality of our food.

Each week we will offer delicate house made pastas, in addition to our menu.

It is week two… reservations recommended

Thanks for reading.