apple trees

winter blues

by Michelle

It takes me a day or two to settle in to the rhythm of the farm. To adjust to silence, except for the occasional howl of wind. To trust the day to deliver something magical.


And then I do. Suddenly I’m here; completely present and totally delighted to be in the care of my beloved farm. It is the most remarkable thing to let myself relax. I’m not good at it.

the shed

Wintertime has never been good for me. I fall into a routine of boredom that I struggle to escape from. My New Year’s resolution is to resist the temptation to hibernate and embrace what from a distance appears to be a magical time of year.

apple trees

It’s New Year’s Day. I started with a walk in the snow. Later, I’ll roast a goose. It’s a start…


Everything is a gradient of blue.

Happy New Year!