Cucumber Mojito – note from the bride

by Michelle

Theo and I never do things or start important events in our life the way you are “supposed to”. We tend to always have a story or an interesting twist to each significant moment in our lives together. I am not sure if we do it on purpose but good or bad these events always work out and always make great stories. This story is called,

“The time we went to Mexico to get married and forgot the Dress”

I know, I know. I can see your face now. Sure, I’m joking and sure I’m not talking about “the dress”.

It’s true, in the chaos of planning and making sure I had everything I needed for the wedding day, I left my wedding dress carefully draped over the chair in my front room, next to the door. So we were on our way to Mexico, dress-less.

My new hubby, being the absolute superhero he is in times of crisis, immediately sprung to action. When I realized I didn’t have it, we were pulling into the Calgary airport. Theo emailed our friends (one of whom was my bridesmaid) explained the situation then paid the cab to take our house keys to them so they could bring the dress when they came, a few days later. This was all before we checked into the airport. His parents were with us and asked, ‘how he could trust the guy to do this and not rob us’? Theo calmly replied that the cabbie could have everything in the house as long as he took the keys to Nick and Lindsay’s so they could get the dress. Before our plane took off, Theo had spoken to Nick and they had the dress. I was still a mess but was able to start to calm down, because my hubby saved the day.

What came next I couldn’t have dreamed of. We arrived in Mexico, were welcomed by 85 of our closest family and friends and witnessed something pretty amazing that had worried us for years. Our lives had collided – East met West. Friends and family from opposite sides of the country introducing themselves, making new friends, new memories, families welcoming new members. It was amazing! It was the best week of our lives. We’ve never felt more loved.

This all happened before my dress arrived.

I’ve heard so many brides talk about things going wrong on their big day. How they weren’t able to see past it. Wedding songs being wrong, seating charts not going right. Don’t get my wrong – when you’re planning a wedding and things go wrong it’s really upsetting. You spend a long time stressing over every detail.

But when we arrived at the resort and were surrounded by so much love, by so many people spending a lot of money, and taking a lot of time to come spend our special day with us, you forget about anything that could go wrong and focus on why you’re there in the first place. Every person reminded me of a special moment in my and Theo’s relationship. Some people only knew us when we were kids and some only as adults. But they all wanted to be there to watch us exchange vows.

It made the idea of things going wrong for the special day, even something huge like forgetting the dress, seem like a much less important event.

With that being said, it’s now time for a drink!

This was our signature drink for the wedding (which they forgot to serve – ha!)

Cucumber Mojito
Makes 1 Drink
3 Tablespoons Lime Juice
1/2 Tablespoon sugar
4 springs of fresh mint
4 Slices of an english cucumber seeds removed
2 shots of white Rum
3/4 Cup of Club Soda
  • In a glass, add the Sugar, Lime Juice, and Mint.
  • Muddle together in the glass
  • Add the cucumber, rum, and club soda, some ice. and a lime wedge on the rim.

This is a delicious drink!

Mrs Meaghan Zunich
Meaghan and Theo
Photo by Adam Coish
Thanks for reading.