top 10 food shots from summer 2014

Of the hundreds of shots that I took over the summer, these are my favourite.

I love the way…

the setting sun cast pink and coral undertones to our rhubarb al fresco.

the early morning light kissed the top of our breakfast eggs.

my tools tell you a story.

food looks when you’re standing at the top of a ladder looking straight down.

my friends wait for me to take the shot I see in my head, in the middle of dinner.

a cloud, at just the right moment, softens the shot.

over exposing part of the story pops the main event.

a bright day makes a shot feel summer lazy.

nothing beats natural light.

the way my heart pounds when this happens.

Our summer was full of much joy and much sadness. Through it all, we shared our table with family and friends. Tears and laughter flowed easily in the company of the people we love. When I looked back over the last four months, the reason these food shots made my top ten list is their light. Our summer had both bright and dark moments. My camera captured them.

Thanks for reading.