family and friends make it real

Event planner extraordinaire, Sara Hooton with her adoring soon to be a bride sister Meg.

Those smiles were pretty much permanent all weekend!

Dan, Kate, Meg and Theo clowning around before leaving for a friend’s wedding.

After the kids left for the wedding, Sara and I got down to business with Christie and Sheila.

Meggie's Bridal Shower

After Meggie finished opening her shower gifts, she shyly stood up and with tears in her eyes told her guests, ‘that being able to share her bridal shower with family and friends suddenly made everything very real.’ In that moment, I realized how much time I spend thinking about how I feel having her so far away and not enough time thinking about how she feels.

Meggie's Bridal Shower

The most wonderful surprise began last Wednesday when I received a note from Theo’s mom, Theresa, telling me she would be at the shower. She lives in British Columbia! She flew across Canada to surprise Meggie and Theo. Because the kids were at a wedding, she spent the afternoon and evening with me, Mom, my friend Heather who flew in from New York, and Christie and Sheila. It was wonderful. We waited until later that evening then crashed the wedding. Keep in mind, we live in a small town – I knew most of the people there. The looks on Meggie and Theo’s faces were worth a million dollars. And so were the smiles, tears and hugs.

The love that was poured into Meaghan’s shower by her sisters and my friends filled the day with joyous memories to last a lifetime!

Meggie is so right. Family and friends make it real!

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