off to Italy

by Michelle

I can’t believe we are leaving Tuesday.

Eleven glorious days touring Italy with the ‘witches’. Ralph lovingly nicknamed us years ago… We’ve been planning and saving for this holiday for years and boom – we’re four days away from take-off. Over the winter we met with travel agent extraordinaire Helena Millar to fine tune our wish lists.

Christie suggested that we each make a list of our heart’s desires while in Italy. We would then compare lists and create our itinerary. Helena was amazing. No matter what hair brained idea we came up with – there were lots! – she came back to us with options.

From being water-taxied to our Venetian Hotel to ensuring beautiful accommodations throughout our tour, Helena took away any possible trip planning stress.

All four of us love Italian food. It’s a prerequisite to being my friend! We have booked a few tables already to eliminate any frustration on our first evening in each destination. After that we’ll explore…

I plucked these beautiful plump radishes from my garden, then washed and served them with extra virgin olive oil and pink sea salt. It’s lovely to nibble off the root, dip the bitten end in a little EVOO and then crush the coarse sea salt with the radish. It’s fantastic! Simple and absolutely Italian…

Thanks for reading.