caprese salad on a salt lick

by Michelle

From the bottom of my heart, happy new year!

caprese salad on a salt lick /

I’ve recovered from my après Christmas emotional roller coaster ride and I’m wide open to the possibility of whatever 2015 has in store for me.

The past year has been nothing short of brilliant. I’ve watched two of my daughters rewrite their lives in profoundly courageous ways. My third daughter created a perfect little life named Coen. He has captivated and enchanted our entire family.

The joy was balanced with wretched sadness. The heartache from losing Ralph’s dad is omnipresent. It waits patiently to make, yet another, surprise ambush. Only time will lighten that darkness: one day at a time, one moment at a time…

Beyond my family, my community of friends and acquaintances expands and shrivels, spontaneously, in perfect accordance with the universe. I believe people come into your life for a predetermined amount of time. The magic is the honour of being included to share your life and gracefully accepting when the time is over. I’m blessed with the people who enter my life and the stories I’ve gotten to live because of them. Some of the stories are short and some will never end. My intention this year is to accept that my story will never be written in stone: to know it’s fluid and flowing in the right direction.

caprese salad on a salt lick /

When my loved ones are well, my life finds ease and peace. Their happiness frees my focus on the world around me. Creatively, the year was slow and stumbling but deeply rewarding. My camera feels more peaceful in my hands. My keyboard morphed into an extension of my voice. I’ll keep trying. It’s the best I can do.

Meaghan, Theo and Coen are here for a few more precious days. I chose to be present in our time together rather than capture it on film to look at later which is why I’ve been non-present with you. I can’t have it both ways  While the baby napped, yesterday, I took these shots. It was a perfect snack for a lazy New Year’s Day.

My friend, Bob, was the first person to serve Caprese Salad on a slab of salt to me. My friend, Jeff, was the second because he saw Bob do it. Jeff gave me the stunning piece of salt. Deepest thanks to both of my salt loving friends!

caprese salad on a salt lick /


1 vine-ripe tomato per person
½ ball fresh mozzarella per person
Extra virgin olive oil
Fresh herbs
1 large slab salt rock

caprese salad on a salt lick /


  • Slice tomatoes and cheese in ¼ inch slices.

caprese salad on a salt lick /

  • Lay tomato and cheese slices on salt block with as much of their surface as possible touching the salt

caprese salad on a salt lick /

  • Allow salt to absorb into tomatoes and cheese for 10 minutes
  • Serve immediately with extra virgin olive oil, some toasted baguette and a bunch of your favourite herbs for sprinkling.

caprese salad on a salt lick /

THE LOVE: Don’t be tempted to use Buffalo Milk Mozzarella. The milky interiour will leak all over the salt. This dish is salty. Please keep your health in mind…

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caprese salad on a salt lick /

Wishing you serenity, clarity and delight this year.

Thanks for reading.

photography by Michelle Hooton