bbq herb brush

make your own bbq herb brush

by Michelle

Making your own bbq herb brush is as simple as picking a bouquet of flowers – literally! I chose flowering sage and thyme along with tarragon for my grilled spatchcock chicken but any and all combinations will work. Think about what herbs taste delicious with what your cooking and you’ll know what to use.

Just pick whatever herbs strike your fancy or buy some then tie them together with some twine and your ready to baste whatever’s on the grill.

I used extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, sliced garlic and dried chillies for my basting liquid. There’s no real recipe but using a four to one ratio of oil to lemon juice is a good rough gauge. You’ll want to use a lighter sauce to maximize the herbs. The aroma from your herb brush when it hits the meat is unbelievable!

Besides being a gorgeous cooking tool, your BBQ Herb Brush lets you slowly and subtly layer on the aromatic oils in the herbs you’ve chosen, while keeping the meat moist. Once you taste the incredible flavour of grilled meat brushed with herbs, you’ll never use a bristle brush again!

Thanks for reading.