Angelina's hot chocolate recipe l

Angelina’s hot chocolate recipe

by Michelle

Angelina's hot chocolate recipe l

I’ve missed you.

Unless you’re a long-time blogger, I think it would be hard to understand the security that I feel from my commitment to this space. Time set aside everyday to work on a new post defines the order of my life; my schedule, if you will. I write best in the morning. I love the sound of my computer as it wakes up, the steamy wisps floating from my coffee cup and the new day’s calm. I wake up excited, not always sure what I’ll type but happy to be at it. I cook and photograph when the light in my kitchen is soft and moody. I don’t like harsh contrasts in my shots, so my schedule is driven by the sun. Everything else in my life happens around these two constants. Perhaps a strange way to live, but it works for me. To be away from my daily routine for so long was as difficult as it was wonderful. There were several times when I had to focus on not writing a new post in my head and staying present in the moment.

Aside from a couple of ‘not posting’ anxiety attacks, the holiday was an absolute dream. From start to finish: places, weather, travel, accommodations, food and most of all the company, it was delicious! Instead of taking you on an eating memoir, I’ve chosen my hands-down, no-competition, favorite food find to share with you today.

The day we visited the Louvre it poured. While we were standing in the long admittance line-up, I checked-in on Face Book. In seconds, people started insisting that we go to Angelina’s for lunch. I hadn’t heard of Angelina’s before so I did a Google search. From what I could gather, it was an eating place within the museum. I’m in Paris and my friends are encouraging me to have lunch in a cafeteria?? After a two-hour soaking wait to get to the Louvre – definitely order your tickets in advance – we decided, ‘what the heck! let’s dry out and have some institutional cafeteria food…’

When the waiter presented us with their menu, I almost fell off my chair; it was not your typical tuna casserole cafeteria menu. I chose Angelina’s signature Pate de Fois Gras Salad with a glass of Sancerre. Clearly, Parisians do cafeterias very differently than we do! The portion of pate was huge so I held off on ordering dessert. Once finished and although totally full, I ordered the hot chocolate. When it arrived it was cold. I took a sip and wondered what all the fuss had been about. I asked the waiter why they called it ‘hot’ when they serve it lukewarm. I could see that ‘lukewarm chocolate’ might not be a crowd pleaser, but it would have been a more accurate description. Apologies all round, cup whisked away and moments later I was sipping heaven in a cup. I have no words okay thick, velvety, silky chocolate perfection would work. I could go on and on, but instead go get yourself the best chocolate that you can find and make a cup. It’ll be like going to Paris without the flight!

This recipe is all over the internet. I reduced the amount of milk to make the texture closer to the original.

Angelina's hot chocolate recipe l

Angelina’s Hot Chocolate

6 ounces chocolate, chopped (fine-quality semi-sweet or bittersweet)
1⁄4 cup water, room temperature
3 tablespoons hot water
2 cups hot milk, divided
whipped cream

Angelina's hot chocolate recipe l


  • In a double boiler over low heat, combine chopped chocolate and 1/4 cup water stirring until melted and smooth.
  • Remove from heat and whisk in 3 tablespoons hot water.
  • Divide among individual 4 mugs.
  • Serve hot milk in a separate pitcher.
  • Pass sugar and whipped cream in separate bowls; add to taste.

Angelina's hot chocolate recipe l

THE LOVE: I add very little of the hot milk to mine because I prefer it thick. Add your hot milk slowly and sip as you go until you find the perfect thickness for you.

Thanks for reading.