New Italian Cooking Workshop – Ravioli and Tiramisu

by Michelle

Step into the heart of Italy from the comfort of your own kitchen with my immersive virtual Italian Cooking Workshop.

Having just returned from an extensive eating tour of Italy, I am jazzed to share the art of crafting homemade ravioli and the exquisite delicacy of tiramisu in my New Italian Cooking Workshop

Class Overview:

Introduction to Italian Cuisine The class begins with a warm welcome and an introduction to the rich culinary heritage of Italy. Gain insights into the essential ingredients, regional variations, and the significance of each dish in Italian culture.

Ingredients and Tools In advance of the workshop, I will send you the recipes, essential ingredients and tools needed for the day’s recipes. You’ll be well-prepared for the culinary journey ahead.

Ravioli Making:

  1. Pasta Dough Perfection: Learn the secrets to crafting the ideal pasta dough – a delicate balance of flour, eggs, and love. I will share tips on achieving the perfect texture and elasticity.
  2. Filling Finesse: I will share all sorts of ‘chef hacks’ for producing the perfect filling texture.
  3. Ravioli Shaping and Sealing: From traditional square shapes to whimsical circles, master the techniques of shaping and sealing your ravioli. I will demonstrate various styles, ensuring your creations are as beautiful as they are delicious.
  4. Cooking and Saucing: Once your ravioli are formed, learn the best methods for cooking them to perfection. Learn a butter and sage sauce that has endless variations.

Tiramisu Mastery:

  1. Coffee-Soaked Ladyfingers: Begin your tiramisu journey by soaking delicate ladyfingers in rich Italian espresso. Learn the importance of achieving the perfect balance between moisture and texture.
  2. Velvety Mascarpone Filling: Uncover the secrets to creating a velvety, smooth mascarpone filling. I will guide you through the steps, ensuring your tiramisu is a decadent delight.
  3. Layering and Presentation: Assemble your tiramisu with precision and flair. Explore different layering techniques and presentation styles that will make your dessert a showstopper at any gathering.
  4. Final Touches and Garnishes: Elevate your tiramisu with final touches and garnishes. Dust with cocoa powder, arrange chocolate shavings, or add a sprinkle of coffee beans for that authentic Italian touch.

Invite your friends to come to my New Italian Cooking Workshop and make it a party. When the class is over, your dinner will be ready to serve!

All you have to do to register is email me @[email protected] to connect. My New Italian Cooking Workshop fee is 75.00

Can’t wait to cook with you!