homemade brown sugar

homemade brown sugar
This is too funny. You may not get a belly laugh out of it but I think it’s a riot, having spent as much time as I have in the kitchen I had no idea, that I could make homemade brown sugar. There have been countless times when I had to change my menu because I was out of ‘brown’ sugar. I’ve never been out of white. Maybe it’s a packaging thing – white sugar is available in larger bags??? It could be that I use a lot of brown sugar. I love the caramelly flavor it lends to anything it comes near. So many dishes have a natural affinity to caramel. Apple pie, pumpkin bread pudding, butterscotch sauce never have me reaching for the molasses container. Here’s the kicker. The caramel flavor is molasses!

Homemade Brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

2 tablespoons molasses

Place ingredients in the bowl of your food processor – you can use a fork

Wiz until it looks like brown sugar – scrape down bowl to make sure all the molasses is mixed in

Place in a sealed container

Will keep up to one month.

HINT: If you need more than one cup, simply use the same proportions and multiply by however many cups you need.

I put  an apple in my brown sugar container to keep the sugar soft.

Thanks for reading.

  • valerie Van Moorsel

    wow!! this is exactly what i made 20 years ago when I ran out of brown sugar when assembling a pie so i just threw molasses and white sugar together, such a handy recipe for when you run out or just to make your own all the time!! one less grocery item on the list! Nice thanks for sharing

    • So true! I’ll never have to change my menu again…
      thanks for reading!

  • Oh I love all the brown sugars, treacles and golden syrups but my favourite sugar by far, is Dark Muscovado sugar. Its uber moist, very dark caramel-treacly flavoured and essential in dried fruit cakes. Adore the stuff.
    I usually put a slice of plastic white bread in my container to keep it soft, but good to know an apple will do the same job. Great tip! 🙂

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