brown sugar fudge

by Michelle

It’s funny – when I use to picture my life it never included my children traveling home for the holidays. It was more like them running next door to borrow some wrapping paper…

A couple of nights ago, Ralph and I were invited to a neighbour’s home. Our friends have an annual winter solstice party that usually falls on the same night that Kate is traveling home. This year, she flew in a day early.

We arrived at the party en masse – Ralph, Sara, Kaitie and me. Our hostess, Debbie, welcomed the girls so warmly that they were immediately relaxed and comfortable. I was fascinated with how easily my daughters were able to interact with my friends. I watched and listened, as they engaged in conversation with people twice their age.

When the girls were little, I used to get a kick out of people telling me how adorable they were. It was a novelty having three little girls the same age! However, I did worry that my three little kittens would get caught up in their looks. I never wanted the girls to become overly concerned with their physical beauty. My mantra to them was, ‘you are an ambassador for this family –  behave kindly and treat people as you would like to be treated’. I am sure that the girls could recite this in unison!

Kate and Sara, genuinely, listened to whomever they were speaking with. The girls spoke so openly and with such generosity. It was kind of mind-blowing! I must sound kooky but it is a precious moment when you witness your little girls communicating as gracious young women. It was lovely.

I made a batch of fudge just before we left to go to the party. Old-fashioned, sugary and delicious!

I wish you peace and joy.