homemade brown sugar

homemade brown sugar

by Michelle
homemade brown sugar
This is too funny. You may not get a belly laugh out of it but I think it’s a riot, having spent as much time as I have in the kitchen I had no idea, that I could make homemade brown sugar. There have been countless times when I had to change my menu because I was out of ‘brown’ sugar. I’ve never been out of white. Maybe it’s a packaging thing – white sugar is available in larger bags??? It could be that I use a lot of brown sugar. I love the caramelly flavor it lends to anything it comes near. So many dishes have a natural affinity to caramel. Apple pie, pumpkin bread pudding, butterscotch sauce never have me reaching for the molasses container. Here’s the kicker. The caramel flavor is molasses!

homemade brown sugar

Homemade Brown sugar

1 cup white sugar

2 tablespoons molasses

Place ingredients in the bowl of your food processor – you can use a fork

Wiz until it looks like brown sugar – scrape down bowl to make sure all the molasses is mixed in

Place in a sealed container

Will keep up to one month.

HINT: If you need more than one cup, simply use the same proportions and multiply by however many cups you need.

I put  an apple in my brown sugar container to keep the sugar soft.

Thanks for reading.