raspberries to the rescue

by Michelle

 So my guests will be here in 1 hour… this is always my panic time … WHAT TO HAVE FOR DESSERT???

Raspberries to the rescue!

 Nothing is prettier, to me, than vibrant red raspberry sauce drizzled over ice cream. Simple, delicious and fast…

use 1/4 cup of super fine sugar to every 2 cups of raspberries fresh or frozen

if you are using frozen, like I did picked them last summer you’ll need time for them to thaw

put your raspberries and sugar in the bowl of your food processor and whiz til smooth

empty the food processor into a food mill using the tiniest holes

turn crank until you have extracted all of the sauce

taste to see if you need to add a little lemon juice

serve over ice cream

 my raspberry sauce is in my grandmother’s depression glass bowl…so pretty!

Dinner is ready…

Thanks for reading!