Pancetta Soaked Potato with Crispy Sage and a peak at my mom’s garden

by Michelle

Mom and Dad built their home almost forty years ago. When the twins were born they started to landscape. Mom wanted grass for her beautiful – I am a proud mama –  little grand daughters to crawl on. It was the summer that the girls were six months old. It’s hard to believe that Mom and Dad have been working on their garden for so many years. It truly is a labor of love. My dad’s love for Mom. My mom’s love for all things beautiful.

They are an amazing team. Mom never runs out of new ideas for garden ‘jewelry’ – rock walls, wrought iron flower braces, innovative plant groupings, wooden trellises… I kid you not, the list is never-ending. As is my dad’s ability to create everything that she comes up with.

Mom invited me for dinner and a tour of the garden. That translates to ‘the garden is looking good’.

It was spectacular!

Mom and I were more interested in enjoying the garden then cooking so we prepared a simple meal of grilled salmon with lemon and fennel fronds served with potatoes cooked in a packet with pancetta, Spring onions and fresh sage. This is a lovely way to prepare potatoes. Add different herbs, garlic, other cured meats – the sky is the limit but be sure to grill over medium low heat or the pancetta will burn.

Pancetta Soaked Potatoes with Crispy Sage

per person

1 medium potato, sliced 1/4″ thick

1/4 cup pancetta, diced

3 Spring onions, sliced

5-6 large sage leaves

sea salt and freshly ground pepper

extra virgin olive oil

Using heavy-duty aluminium foil, place in order pancetta, potatoes, onions, sage, salt and pepper