Savour @ St. Andrews by the Sea

by Michelle

There is nothing I love better than having somebody cook for me. It matters not whether the food is edible although it is a lovely plus! The idea that someone would take time from their day to consider a menu, shop, prepare and spend the evening with me – well, to me, that is very generous.

The next best thing is to pay for somebody to cook for me! I adore going ‘out’ to eat.

Ralph and I were invited yesterday to have dinner at Savour. An intimate little dining experience in St Andrews by the Sea. Last summer we had driven by it a number of times and were not sure… It looks more like a home than a restaurant. This is when you say, ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’!

Don’t get the wrong idea. The ‘cover’ is delightful but different from my interpretation of a restaurant building.

We had ordered the Chef’s table for 7 pm. Promptly at 7, we knocked at the door. We really did! I still was not able to get my head around the building looking like a home. We were greeted by Jenny, with such warmth that I immediately knew we were about to begin a very special adventure.

Jenny showed us into the kitchen where we found our ‘Chef’s table. Literally, we were in the kitchen. I loved it! I have enjoyed many chef’s tables over the course of my culinary life. Typically, the chef  is devoted to his table leaving his sous chefs to take care of the rest of the guests. Not so at Savour. Chef Alex cooked for the entire restaurant, completely indulged our table and patiently answered every annoying question that I hurled at him. I was like a kid in a candy shop. A young, dynamic chef with all of the bells and whistles…I could hardly stay in my seat.

Jenny and Alex are married. He runs the kitchen. She runs the front of house as well as working full-time else where. They live on site. It is brilliant! Two young entrepreneurs taking the world by storm or at least feeding us with gusto.

The tasting menu featured local ingredients with all of the new culinary flourishes – crusts, twists, foams, dusts, smears and many things wild. Course after course was clever and delicious.

The savoury goat cheese brulee was delicious served with a dry thyme infused biscotti topped with creme fraiche and caviar.

The boar was served with a new potato shell, demi glace, mushroom boar ragout, glazed carrot, broccoli puree, caramelized pearl onions and sauteed broccoli crowns. I could have made a meal of the mushroom boar ragout!

When Jenny told us that we were having ‘strawberry shortcake’ for dessert, she had a little grin on her face… Chef Alex’s version of the classic consists of white chocolate semifreddo, patterned jaconde, wild strawberry, strawberry caviar, creme anglaise, port reduction, and 24 Karat gold dust.

Beyond what was listed on the menu were several fresh fruit flavored ices to cleanse the palatte and a lovely glass of ice wine to finish the evening.

Their food philosophy is to create good food with fresh ingredients primarily from eastern Canada, served in a relaxed setting, all with an eye on our environmental footprint.

They nailed it!

Thanks for reading.