Verona – the beginning of a love affair

by Michelle

So here I am, once again, sitting in front of my computer, coffee cup full, my camera loaded with pics and so many wonderful dishes to share with you.

We started our holiday in Verona.

In 1972, Franco Zefferelli’s film Romeo and Juliet was shown in east Saint John. The movie theatre was a short walk from my home so I decided to see the film by myself – which began a lifetime of solitary cinema viewings!  I was completely enchanted by the beauty and grandeur of the architecture, the streetscapes, the countryside, the language and the movie’s love story but most of all I was captivated by the light.

I fell in love. I was smitten with the way Italy’s sunlight and moonshine provided a luminosity that created a palette of color which transformed every scene into a glorious work of art.

I was twelve years old.

For me, our time in Verona was a dream come true. Although, the movie was filmed in various locations throughout Tuscany and Rome, it was still thrilling to be there. About 50 years ago, the mayor of Verona realized that his town would become a tourist destination if they were to capitalize on “in fair Verona where we lay our scene”.

Our room at the Grand Hotel  was spectacular – complete with tall shuttered windows that opened onto the boulevard Corso Porta Nuova. We were a five-minute walk to the old city and that is where we spent all of our time.

Whenever Ralph and I travel, I make dinner reservations from Canada for our first evening away. It allows us to relax and know that we will be having a wonderful meal to begin our holiday.

Il Cenacolo was perfect.

As is the custom in many Italian restaurants, we were treated to a complimentary glass of prosecco.

One of the reasons Ralph and I prefer Italy in the autumn is porcini mushrooms! Every chef in Italy has his favorite recipe for porcini and Ralph is just the guy to do the testing.

My fois gras was served with an apricot marmalata and a cold fennel salad – divine!

Italian’s love meat on the grill and so do we. I decided on a veal chop and Ralph chose the mixed grill of chicken, pork and beef.

We spent two nights in Verona which allowed us enough time to explore the old city and enjoy a few more culinary treats.

From Verona, we took the train to Firenze

It is lovely to be typing again.

Thanks for reading.