Siena – the quintessential Italian town

by Michelle

I felt like Audrey Hepbun in “A Roman Holiday” the first time that I sat in Piazza del Campo even though she was in Roma and I was in Siena!

It was 2002 and we were celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary. It was mid-morning, we were sipping hot drinks at one of the lovely cafes surrounding the ‘campo‘ and I had the perfect quintessential Italian moment… Since then I have always wanted to spend a couple of days there.

Stunning Siena complete with fabulous restaurants and cafes, glamorous architecture, beautiful shops and 20 minutes from the Chianti region was a lovely place to finish our time in Tuscany.

Walking by a gelato shop in Siena was not going to happen.

Truth be known – I did not even make a feeble attempt…

The displays of gelato were gastronomic works of art.

The Cathadrale di Santa Marie, better known as the Duomo, is one of the prettiest cathedrals in Tuscany.

The intricate detailing is stunning.

The hills of Chianti are breath-taking. Every clearing along the switch-back roads, exposes beauty worthy of precariously parking your car so that you can take a photo…

The food shops were incredibly inspiring. I never take for granted that I am married to a man who understands my obsession with food and all things related!

puts a whole new spin on ‘pizza by the slice’

check out the proscuitto on the hoof!

Many butchers proudly display the head of a prized wild boar at the entrance to their shops.

Sitting with Ralph in the Piazza del Campo at dusk, waiting for the stars to appear, was a gift that I will cherish forever.

Thanks for reading.