The opening of Italian by Night – what a team!

by Michelle

It is amazing how critical a team approach is to the success of a restaurant.

So many tiny details to see to…

From the floors to the stemware – everything was sparkling.

We were ready.

Our servers rocked it out of the park!

There were three of us on the line.

Having never been in a pressure situation together, it was seamless.

Plate after plate left the kitchen.

The orders…

Chef Andrew is an absolute dream to work with!

Our guests were dining and enjoying the evening allowing us to take the time necessary for detailing the plates.

There was an instinctual flow happening in our kitchen between cooks.

The fact that we were still smiling after an eleven hour day says it all!

Only three cooks could be captivated by cocoa dusting…

Our guests were so kind and encouraging.

To the future and making sure that we have fun along the way.

It was a wonderful opening thanks to our guests and an incredible team of committed and focused people wanting to provide our guests with our very best.

Thanks for reading.

All photos courtesy of Dr. Keith Wilson