doughboys and do-overs

by Michelle


I love beginning.

I love the letter A, monday, the number one, a new moon, the first slice off a loaf of bread but most of all I love a new year. I get to try again.

My obsession with cooking is a metaphor for my life. I repeat a recipe over and over until I get it perfect. I’ve been working on this recipe called life for as long as I can remember and every January I get an automatic do-over. A chance to fix things. Nothing’s broken but nothings perfect.

My ingredients are good. It’s my technique and timing that needs work. I remain hopeful…


I also love doughboys more commonly known as dumplings. It’s the old ‘because that’s what my mother called them’ thing… Mom serves them on beef stew. When I was little, I’d have rathered had doughboys than the stew. Truth be known, I still would!

doughboys 01-13 130

I’m serving them with a thick turkey and vegetable soup but it’s really all about the doughboys.



Makes 6 large

1 cup all-purpose flour

3 teaspoons baking powder

1/2 teaspoon salt

Enough milk to make a stiff batter – about 10 tablespoons

Mix ingredients together

Drop by tablespoons onto hot simmering soup and leave for 5 minutes, uncovered

Cover pot and cook doughboys another 15 minutes

Uncover pot, ladle soup into serving dishes and top with a doughboy.

THE LOVE: Make sure that the soup or stew is barely simmering so that the doughboys have the perfect cooking conditions to rise properly.

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