my favourite food shots from 2013

by Michelle

It takes me a couple dozen shots for every one photograph that I post on “bite”. I’m learning and I’m slow. That you continue to encourage me is magic. Thank you for an awesome year and here’s to the next!

These are my favourite shots from 2013…

fresh goat's milk ricotta



Fiddleheads 1


Toasted Pistachio and Pure Maple Syrup Ice Cream




sesame seed hamburger buns on napkin

Peach Ice Cream 3

Best Homemade Bread

Wild Blueberry Scones

Ice Cream Cake 1

Golden Cherry Tomato 3

Turnip 4

Chunky Apple and Walnut Cake 1

Waldorf Salad

Meatball Parmigiano A2

Cinnamon and Sugar Apple Crisps 1

Pear Tarte Tatin





the art of Macaroni and Cheese F

the art of Macaroni and Cheese g

Cut Glass Pedestal

Basket of ApplesPeel Drying

Tray of Vegetarian Chili

 Thank you so much for reading!

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