a great grandfather’s love

by Michelle

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com


I’ve been so excited to share some of the moments, captured by my uncle, photographer Joe Chase, from our ‘Meggie and Theo Celebration’. One hundred family members and close friends joined Ralph and I at the farm for a post wedding party/baby shower.

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com

As with any party of this size, a tremendous amount of planning and attention to detail is necessary to ensure that the party runs smoothly. Rentals, caterer, serving staff, musicians, menu and guest list are all things that can be controlled. Fortune smiled on us by providing a perfect sun-filled day that spilled into a star-lit night. With all of this in place and all of the little hiccups sorted out, the party was on its own.

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com

Meggie and Theo Celebration / bitebymichelle.com

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com

It was wonderful. Bringing the people we love together, with delicious food, drink and music to celebrate Meaghan and Theo’s marriage and pregnancy was an honour for us. I could try to explain the happiness captured in Joe’s photography, but instead I’ve asked permission, from both Dad and Meg, to share with you, what turned out to be the most magical moment of the night. It took the celebration to a very special place.

We asked Dad to toast Meg and Theo…

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com

“I have a friend that I met 27 years ago. A nurse was wheeling two little babies past Carla, Paul and me in the hallway of Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. The owner of my heart had just given birth to twin girls; Kate and Meg. As a grandfather, loving granddaughters would be a simple thing or so I thought. Now, in what seems like a blink of an eye, Meg is about to make me a great-grandfather.
I am a student of layers. The layers that create each of us to be the people we are. Some of us are open books, others a tad more complicated. Meg is the rare combination of both – fiercely loyal and totally in love with a man she has no desire to change or train…
The glow of motherhood is amazing. Transforming a beautiful woman into a mother is truly the work of a greater being.
As a grandfather, I’m expected to share stories with you of Meg growing up because tonight, after all, is all about her.
I hope I don’t disappoint…

You see, I know and understand my place in life. Meg fits me in somewhere between her dogs, her heart and her engagement ring. I could tell you stories of her smiles, hugs, kisses, disappointments, bugs and worms, plans and dreams, bus rides, sisters, her mom and dad – but I’m not going to.
I’m going to be a great-grandfather and I would like to talk, directly, to the most important person here to-night, tucked warmly within his mommy. You see, we’ve already met, in my dreams or day dreams. My great-grandson…  has dark curly hair, his daddy’s wicked, wicked grin and his mommy’s eyes.

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com

I’ve explained to him that he is being born into a family of doers and fixers. That everyone will want to help him along his way in life, with love and guidance. I, also, explained how far down the list great-grandfathers are in the advice giving column. So, we brokered a deal for me to teach him a few things that no one else will cover, in case we ever get a chance to dig a hole…

I want to teach him how to spit on his hands, when we dig that hole.

Wipe his nose on his sleeve or blow his nose with his thumb.

To swear properly

Never sip lemonade.

And to never Google what his great-grandfather says, just take it as the gospel.

For the rest of his life he will think of crocodile skins every time he eats a pickle.

That no tree will be too tall to climb.

He will truly understand ‘no‘ and embrace ‘yes‘.

That moderation will carry him through life in good hands.

He will know that when he talks to me, he will be talking to me only, so that an old man can help him understand his heart.

He knows he’s being born into a family of readers and that his library will include favourites from all of us. My gift book to him will be “The Mexican Fisherman”……. the perfect blend of his mom and dad.

Most importantly,[ Dad spoke directly to the baby here] I’ll teach you the song that I sang to your grandmother and uncle then to your mommy and aunties, so that you can sing the same song to your children and their children:

‘In the Big Rock Candy Mountains
You never change your socks
And little ol streams of lemonade
Come a-tricklin’ down the rocks
Oh, the buzzin’ of the bees in the peppermint trees
‘Round the soda water fountains
Where the lemonade springs and the bluebird sings
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains
Oh, I’m bound to go where there ain’t no snow
Where the rain don’t fall and the wind don’t blow
In the Big Rock Candy Mountains.’

Joe captured Meggie remembering Dad singing to her when she was a little girl.

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com

And now my little man…
I’m going to ask everyone to stand and drink the first toast ever to …

Meg and Theo asked that they be able to tell the rest of the world his name – just a few more weeks!

the Meggie and Theo Celebration - a grandfather's love / bitebymichelle.com

Thanks for reading.

Much love and gratitude to my uncle Joe Chase for the stunning photography. xo

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