a trick to make gourmet soup in six minutes

I love making soup.

Happy, sad, stressed or bored – making soup is comforting to me. It’s that anal part of my personality that can stand and chop vegetables for hours… However, I do not have hours at my leisure at the moment. My math was a little off yesterday when I said we open ‘Italian by Night in twelve days. It’s actually 8 days away!!!!

I made this soup to have for supper tonight. It’s fast, it’s easy and it tastes like I spent all day preparing it. It took me six minutes from start to finish.

Rich Root Veg and Boursin Soup

serves 4

2 cups cooked root vegetable, mashed [use whatever you have leftover. I used buttercup squash]

2 cups chicken broth [commercial is fine]

1-150g package herb and garlic boursin cheese  [This is the magic ingredient]

Place veg and chicken stock in pot

Using immersion blender, blend until smooth

Bring soup to a boil

Reduce heat to simmer and add cheese

Whisk until well blended and you have a rich delicious gourmet cream soup.

Thanks for reading.

  • I am going to make this tonight! (I love Boursin Cheese – it’s my secret ingredient for moist, flavourful meatballs!)

  • Liz Johnson

    I made this tonight and used Boursin light. It wasn’t nearly as rich as I was hoping. My husband always accuses me of not following recipes properly. In this case he was right. The soup was still delicious and delicate.

    • sometimes the extra calories are worth it!

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  • This looks just delightful. Can’t wait until a cool Fall evening in California to try this soup.

    • It’s so easy to make!

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