It Was A Wonderful Summer

by Michelle

Early April – I picked fiddleheads in the pouring rain – they were the color of emeralds.

Late April – Molly and I loved our daily walks through the woods.

May – We found these tiny robin’s eggs in one of our sheds.

June – There were butterflies everywhere.

June – I made a different type and flavour of bread every three days.

Practising with my camera…

The buttercups were waist deep!

My girls helping with book club.

Late June – The farm started to provide fruit for all sorts of wonderful dishes.

Our yellow transparent apple tree in full bloom.

July – I used french sorrel in salads, soups and sauces.

Breakfast at the farm is magical.

Searching for tiny wild strawberries in the tall wild flowers.

Strawberry Minted Shortcake became a staple during strawberry season.

As soon as my sage was ready to pick, I used it constantly.

Late July – Dad had finished my raised herb garden with flagstone.

I was experimenting with buttermilk in all of my baking.

Our vegetable garden started to produce zucchini and continued to do so until the end of August.

I used every combination of herbs and citrus that I could imagine when grilling fish.

August – We took lovely cool walks in the woods and discovered long forgotten treasures.

Late August – Dad finishing the flagstone and granite back step.

Making pickles with little helpers.

One of my guests happily testing my new blackberry and lemon muffins.

I had raspberries, blackberries and mulberries all producing at the same time.

I baked my first blackberry pie.

September – Mom and I made mustard pickles together.

Cutting the hay for winter feed is a weekend long event.

There is nothing more peaceful than a walk through my pastures.

It was a wonderful summer.

Thank you so much for reading.

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