The Farmer who met the Chef who then met the Eater –

by Michelle

I have moved up to third place. I can’t believe it! There are four more days before voting officially closes, if you would like to vote for me just click the button to the right. Thank you so much to everybody who has already voted. I am blown away.

This weekend Ralph and I attended the 7th annual Organic Crop Improvement Association dinner which was held at the Kingston Farmer’s Market. An enthusiastic incredibly talented group of local chefs created a stunning menu with local organic ingredients.

I was told that this vividly yellow – I did not use photoshop – butter was made from cows who eat buttercups. Hmmm…

The bread basket featured grissini, focaccia and whole wheat tiny rolls. In true Maritime style, the bread disappeared.

The beet soup was served with a tiny piece of seared beef garnished with a grainy mustard, sun-dried cherry tomatoes and baby greens – delicious! Note that there is no mention of beet soup on the menu board. We were told that the menu was subject to change at the whim of the chefs! We were delighted.

The salad was a simple hand full of tender greens tossed in a perfectly balanced blueberry vinaigrette. We were treated to lamb, pork and chicken all graced with interesting combinations of gorgeous vegetables and herbs. Sadly, my camera battery did not last until the end of the meal so I can not show you the chicken presentation or our finale.

You will have to take my word for it – SPECTACULAR!

Thanks so much for reading.