Conference Championships trumps romantic lunch

by Michelle

Successfully traveling with your spouse requires boundless cooperation and a huge sense of humour.

Who gets wedged beside Shrek on your flight?  Who gets the spacious top dresser drawer or the one extra pillow or the use of your shared laptop? Do you go to the ballet or take-in a football game? Traveling with your spouse requires a huge sense of humour.

Ralph and I are in Vegas. Yesterday, while we were having lunch at Otto, suddenly, completely out of character, Ralph speaks to a passing police officer. “What’s the score”? Not, “Hi, I’m a crazed Canadian football fan.” just, “what’s the score”? The funny thing was that the police officer was unphased. He walked over to our table, ignoring moi and started talking about the conference championship game like they were old beer drinking buddies.

I flashed the police officer my ‘I am not impressed’ smile and he took his leave. Ten minutes later, he passed by us again. Ralph caught his attention by coughing – so subtle. Buddy tells Ralph that there is a television at the bar. Of course there was! I get the puppy dog eyes from dear hubby. Two seconds later, Ralph is standing at the bar leaving me to decide on dessert.

Twenty five years ago, I would have had an atomic meltdown if Ralph had left me mid – romantic lunch date while on vacation! Yesterday, I smiled.

The most important thing that I have learned, after twenty-five years of traveling with Ralph, is to find the laughter. Laughing clears away the clutter and allows us to enjoy our precious time together.

Thanks for reading.