hope springs eternal…

by Michelle

Ralph loves to capture my intense sense of fashion!

It had to have been -25*C with the Arctic gale howling across our farm on Saturday afternoon as Ralph and I played in the dirt. Dressed in long johns, ski pants, hooded sweater, down-filled winter jacket and toque, I was perfectly comfortable working away in my garden. However, I did feel like a bit of a wimp being surrounded by the adorable little faces of my lovely johnny jump ups, giggling at my ridiculous outfit. Clearly, I have to toughen up!

Our soft winter proved a bit rough on the garden. I lost rose bushes, perennials and most of my herbs. Happily, my chives are thriving. I prepared a simple pasta dish from grape tomatoes and chives – Spring is here!

Time to move away from the long cooking sauces of winter and start to explore more simple, uncomplicated dishes.

I did not want the chives to have to compete with any other aromatic vegetable. I wanted the crisp pungent flavour that only early chives produce.

Grape Tomato and Spring Chive Sauce


2 cups grape tomatoes, halved

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons salted butter

sea salt

Warm olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat

Add butter and heat in the olive oil until frothing

Add halved grape tomatoes and saute gently for 5 minutes

Add cooked pasta I used spaghetti directly from the pasta pot allowing a bit of the starchy water to enhance your sauce.

Sprinkle with snipped chives and toss

Divide pasta between 2 plates and season with seas salt


Thank for reading