bumbleberry sorbet

by Michelle

I love the playful images that bumbleberry brings to mind. They sound like a berry that Alice in Wonderland would have picked! However, they do not grow on shrubs or bushes. In fact, they do not grow at all. Bumbleberries are any combination of three or more berries sometimes with the addition of apple slices.

Of all the treats my ice cream machine has made this summer, this sorbet by far is the most delicious creation to date. It’s not that hard to create eye-popping delights when you are using cream, sugar and freshly picked fruits! Given Ralph’s lactose intolerance, sorbet is a better fit for us.The best thing about sorbet is that it does not call for cream.

Blackberries are at the height of their season so grab a basket and get picking! Strawberry and raspberry season have passed but you can successfully use frozen.

Bumbleberry Sorbet

makes 1 quart

1 quart blackberries, freshly picked

1 pint raspberries, freshly picked or frozen

1 pint strawberries, fresh or frozen – sliced

1 cup water

1 1/4 cup sugar

Place water in wide bottomed pot and bring to a boil

Add sugar, remove from heat and stir until sugar dissolves

Add fruit, stir then allow to sit for 10 minutes

Working in batches, place fruit/sugar mixture in food processor 1 1/2 cups at a time and process until smooth

Press processed fruit through a fine mesh sieve to remove seeds

When all the fruit is processed, place juice in fridge until well chilled at least 3 hours

With ice cream machine motor running, pour syrup into ice cream maker and follow manufacture’s instructions – my machine took 25 minutes to make sorbet

Transfer sorbet to storable container and freeze until ready to serve.

Thanks for reading.